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Long-Term & Short-Term Truck Leasing in Kamloops

The purchase, maintenance, and depreciation of trucks are expensive for any organization. It requires substantial financial commitments that can better be used for the core business. Can-Ex Truck Rental can help you free up your capital otherwise invested in owning a truck or a fleet of trucks. We lease new and used trucks with short-term and long-term options. Whether your company requires a single vehicle or an entire fleet, we have competitively priced options for truck leasing in Kamloops.

Reliable Truck Leasing in Kamloops

Upon choosing Can-Ex Truck Rental, you get access to a large fleet of trucks in Kamloops. Our one-stop service, warranty repairs, and maintenance provide faster results, reduced downtime, and improved efficiency. Count on us for safe, reliable, and efficient services, which will enable you to optimize your business.

Learn More About Our Leasing Options

To learn more about our competitively priced truck leasing options, please contact us today.

Lease a Work Truck

We can offer you the required leasing solution, so your company can get back to work!


Here’s what our customers have to say about our services:



“Customer service is excellent, nothing to complain about.”


- Kara K.

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